Orc Hero Story - Discovery Chronicles

: Ongoing
: Rifujin Na Magonote
: Sep 23, 2021
: 659
: 4.65 / 5.0
: 950,422
Description : English: Bash, the Orc Warrior, is a Hero. During the war, he crushed and defeated all that stood in his path. He is respected by all Orcs as the Orc among Orcs. However, Bash has a secret. He has no experience with women – he, the Hero, was a virgin. For Orcs, who hold combat and sexual prowess in high regard, being a virgin is tremendously shameful.  With this in mind, he decides to embark on a journey. In order to protect the pride and honor of his race, but mostly to finally get his d*ck wet, he decides to go to leave on a grand quest to find himself a woman. From the author of the  popular LN series "Mushoku Tensei", comes with another masterpiece! Español: Bash, el Orco Guerrero, es un Héroe. Durante la guerra, aplastó y derroto a todos los que se interpusieran en su camino, todos los orcos lo respetaban como El ORCO entre los ORCOS. Sin embargo, Bash tenía un gran secreto… El era completamente Virgen, no tenía ningún tipo de experiencia con las Mujeres, y para los Orcos, que eran combatientes feroces y tenían una alta destreza sexual… ser Virgen era una completa deshonra.  y con eso en mente Bash decide emprender su viaje, para proteger su orgullo y el Honor de su raza, pero sobre todo para despojarse de su virginidad.
Chapter 2.2 ~ 0 View
Sep 23, 2021
Chapter 2.1 ~ 36,061 View
Sep 15, 2021
Chapter 1.2 ~ 69,903 View
Feb 25, 2021
Chapter 1.1 ~ 54,627 View
Feb 25, 2021
Chapter 0: Prologue ~ 54,118 View
Feb 22, 2021

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